Stories of Transformation

Stories of Hope and Healing

We know that the news is full of horror stories, and that sometimes this work feels hopeless. We get down too.

But we’ve been doing this long enough to know that healing is possible.eyes down

We’ve seen people learn to work out conflict in healthy, productive ways.

We’ve seen people heal from the trauma they’ve suffered.

We’ve seen kids who grew up in an abusive home go on to have loving, nurturing adult relationships.


From Former Youth Therapy Clients

Odgie’s story (video)

NH’s story 


From Former Men’s Therapy Clients

letter of thanks from RS

letter of thanks from SO

Frank’s story


From Former Women’s Therapy Clients

MW’s story

A letter of thanks from MJ

A poem to DAP from KM

BS’s story

Kristine’s story (video)

We also recommend Called to Account  by M’Liss Switzer, a former DAP client.


Family Members

Shawn’s story, sister of domestic homicide victim Jewell Burnett (video)


Staff Testimonials

David’s story, former DAP staff (video)