Become a Table Captain!

Be a Champion for Families!

You care about families seeking healing from domestic abuse. You support DAP because of our work to end the cycle of abuse. Do you have friends who care about families too? 

Then sign up as a table captain, invite your friends to our annual luncheon, and make it possible for every family who needs it finds healing at DAP.

It’s that simple! Click here to sign up today!

So, what’s a table captain?

As a table captain, you commit to filling a table of ten with your friends, family, and colleagues, and engaging them, in some way, to learn about the work of DAP before the luncheon (whether that is visiting our space, watching a video about DAP, sharing your own story of support, etc.) It is because of table captains that our luncheon is a success, and we can heal families struggling with domestic abuse.

Does it cost anything?
No, the luncheon is completely free for all to attend. Table captains are invited to sponsor their table, but it is not a requirement. Sponsorships help us to cover the cost of the event, so that guests are motivated to give knowing that their donation goes towards programs. The cost of one table is $500.
“At the first DAP luncheon, I was so moved by the testimonials of the clients who spoke and the amazing work DAP does, I had to become a table captain to support DAP beyond my individual contribution. I was particularly struck by the work DAP does with the whole family—including the abuser.” -Jeanette, veteran table captain

I’m still not sure…

Believe it or not, it is easier than you think! Each year table captains share with us how fun and easy being a table captain truly is – guests are excited to be invited and are grateful to be involved in such an important cause.

You can also sign up to be a table captain with a friend – fill up a table or two with a joint effort. And, especially if this is your first year as a table captain, let us know – we will match you with a veteran table captain to be your buddy for this first year. They’ll walk you through all the steps of the process.

“Any table captain who has had friends that have attended the luncheon in previous years should consider asking those friends if they would be willing to sponsor a table. This is the best way that I know of to expand the base of donors, educate new people about DAP’s services and ensure that DAP will continue to be available for those who need their support.” – Mickey, veteran table captain

Why sign up now? 

The luncheon is always more powerful when people attend who are somewhat familiar with DAP and the families who have benefited from DAP services, as well as the ones who need services today and tomorrow.

Signing up to be a table captain now means that you have time to invite people to the luncheon early and often! After you sign up, DAP staff will communicate with you easy messages and activities to share with potential luncheon guests. It’s all part of growing our community of support for ending the cycle of abuse.

Start thinking now about your personal story – your friends will be moved by why you care about the work of DAP.

Click here to sign up today. Or if you’d like to learn more about becoming a table captain, email Urszula Parfieniuk at