“There are women in our community that need a shoulder to cry on, that need a hand to hold, that need someone to listen…there are women out there that need ME.  But my passion alone isn’t enough.  These women need YOU.   Because I am DAP, and so are you.”
– Barbara, DAP Advocate

For the past two years, one in five of the people DAP helped were helped solely because of your donations. That’s over 500 people each year!  Without you, each year, DAP would  have been forced to turn away more than 500 who sought to heal.  And together, we can meet that challenge again this year.  We’re more than halfway to our goal to raise $400,000 in individual donations by our June 30, 2015 year-end. We need your help to go the rest of the way.

A gift of $5,000 will ensure that eight-year-old Tamika receives the trauma-informed therapy she needs to understand that the violence in her home is not her fault.  $1,000 will allow Jason to learn that, while he’s done very bad things, he is NOT a bad man.  Jason can complete DAP’s program, end his abuse, and help his children learn to build healthy relationships, breaking the cycle of violence passed from one generation to the next.  With a gift of $150, you’ll allow our advocate  Barbara to help Jeanette find food and shelter and keep her kids safe.

What can you do in less than five minutes to help over 500 people heal?  Why, make your online donation to DAP via the form below!

To make a gift by mail, send your check payable to DAP at 204 West Franklin Avenue | Minneapolis MN  55404.

To make a gift by phone, or discuss a gift of stock, please call Ann Moore at 612.874.7063 x207.

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