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For more information about registering for Youth Services, please contact Angela Lewis-Dmello at 612.874.7063 x214 or via email.


Help for Children Who Witness Domestic Abuse

Top 3 concepts children learn at DAP:

  1. Abuse is not OK and it isn’t their fault.
  2. Learn to identify their feelings and express them in healthy ways.
  3. How to keep themselves safe (safety plan).

DAP has been a leader in the area of treatment for children in violent families.  We offer therapy groups for children 5-12 years of age, and adolescents.  The groups meet for ten weekly structured sessions that are led by a male and female team of therapists.  The therapy goals are to help children:

  • Give responsibility for the violence to the appropriate person
  • Relieve feelings of shame and isolation
  • Deal with loss or separation from the abusive parent
  • Protect themselves from violence in the home
  • Express their feelings openly and appropriately
  • Resolve conflict nonviolently
  • Cultivate healthy gender roles
  • Develop a healthy self-image

Most importantly, the groups break the inter-generational pattern of destructive behavior so that children can resolve the present trauma and grow into healthy individuals.

If your son or daughter lives or has lived in a home where domestic violence occurs, please contact DAP’s First Call Desk at 612.874.7063 to learn how to join the program