Men’s Therapy

Men’s Therapy

DAP’s Men’s Team serves adult male perpetrators of domestic violence, with trauma-informed group and individual therapy.  DAP’s program is one of few in the area that meets the state requirements for batterers intervention, and it is the only program to incorporate trauma theory and treatment techniques in its work with batterers. Our program combines education with cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches, all in a trauma-informed setting. While the role of anger in relationships and abuse is discussed, DAP’s program is not an “anger management program.” It is much more.

And it works.

Since the program’s inception DAP has conducted follow-up research on client recidivism, and consistently we find that over 90% of men’s program clients had zero domestic abuse arrests within one year of successfully completing the program.


How It Works

The majority of male participants attend a 24-week program that includes both large-group educational sessions and small-group process sessions. The first portion, called “Education group,” addresses 10 topics including “Ending Controlling Behaviors,” “Responsibility v. Shame,” “The Effects of Violence on Children” and “Power, Control and Gender”.  Therapists in the Education group work to frame the issues of domestic violence relative to the larger and more systemic context.


The second part of the program is Process Group. Process Groups are composed of 12 men and a Facilitator, and meet weekly. The structure of the group encourages peer-to-peer education and accountability that can’t be found through individual treatment. In the course of the program, men work to accept responsibility for their violent actions and give presentations on their plan for building and maintaining equal and interdependent relationships.


Case Management

All Men’s Program clients receive case management services in addition to their therapy. DAP case managers work with clients to address chronic homelessness, addiction, and significant mental health issues, because we know that therapy for domestic violence must be part of a holistic solution. The case management services of the Men’s Program offer the benefits of “wrap around” services, including improved access to community resources and collaborative care.


Middle aged white manWork With Veterans

In order to better serve our male clients who are current or former members of the military, DAP launched the CHANGE STEP program in 2012. CHANGE STEP is grounded in the proven curriculum of DAP’s traditional Men’s Program, but uses language and concepts specific to military practice and culture. For more information, click here.


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