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Help for Men Who May Be Using Abusive Behavior Against Their Intimate Partner

Men participating in DAP’s pioneering program of “batterer intervention” hear from non-judgmental therapists that they are not defined by the abuse they perpetrate.  That it is not who they are, it is what they’ve done.

Click here to read about what entails abusive behavior.

If you are a male veteran or work with male veterans who may be abusive against their intimate partner, please click here to read more about DAP’s Men’s Program for Veterans.


The three primary concepts a man learns at DAP are:

  1. That domestic abuse is a learned behavior. They can learn new behavior.
  2. That using abuse is a choice.
  3. That domestic abuse is a pattern.

Over 70% of the men in DAP’s therapy program are court-ordered.  Whether a participant is court-ordered or finds DAP on their own, the results of the DAP brand of therapy are impactful for men who complete the 24-week program.

DAP’s goal for men’s therapy is no physical violence again.  In follow up research conducted by DAP, over 97% of men’s program completers had ZERO domestic abuse arrests within one year of finishing their entire program.

If you are a man over 18 years of age who has used violence against an intimate partner, please call DAP’s First Call desk to get started in Men’s Group Therapy. Call 612.874.7063.