Case Management

If you want to get the most out of your services at DAP, consider making an appointment with a Case Manager.

Case Managers offer support services to all members of the family, aiding program participants with basic needs, including referrals to support for food, shelter, transportation, employment services, legal aid, mental and medical health, chemical dependency, among others. Case Management services are client-centered and trauma-informed. The program is provided for the purpose of facilitating access to, coordinating, and ensuring holistic care.

Case Management services are currently only available to current clients or to clients who are seeking Hennepin County Coordinated Entry Services.  Those in advocacy or therapy are welcome to access Case Management at any point during their program.

Drop-In Case Management

Aiding with immediate referral needs on a one-time basis, coordinating care internal to DAP, and supporting crisis-based needs for safety and stability. During drop-in services, Case Managers can help with:

  • Quick resources
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Scheduling therapy appointments
  • Therapy fees

Short-Term Case Management 

Four to six meetings to help with referrals to support short-term goals related to food resources, housing, transportation, medical and dental care, legal support, educational and employment services. During intermediate services, Case Managers can help with:

  • Community referrals
  • Employment and housing support services
  • Addressing legal issues such as immigration, DWI’s, etc.
  • County benefit applications
  • Navigating resource networks for veterans
  • Parenting programs and school supplies

Coordinated Entry

What is Coordinated Entry?

The Coordinated Entry System is the county’s approach to organizing and providing housing services for people experiencing homelessness in Hennepin County.
Because housing resources are limited, this process is designed to ensure that individuals and families with the highest vulnerability, service needs, and length of homelessness receive top priority in housing placement. Housing is not guaranteed through this process. Please know that no housing would be immediately available.
Eligibility Requirements for DAP Assessments
Hennepin County is DAPs Continuum of Care (CoC). This means DAP can only provide CES screenings for clients for whom Hennepin is their County of Financial Responsibility (CFR).
For DAP, CFR is based on where a client became HUD Category 4 Homeless – Fleeing or Attempting to Flee. This includes but is not limited to:
• The County that they fled from/fleeing from
• Last permanent residence (address)
• The County that provides benefits SNAP, GA, etc. (although this is not always the case)
What is DAP’s role?
DAP’s Case Management Team, provides CES Assessments for eligible singles or families. Our job is to provide the CES assessment, describe how CES works for Hennepin County, and provide follow-up appointments until your housing has resolved or you have been referred to housing via Hennepin County CES.
How can my DAP CES Assessor support me?
• Housing diversion outside of Hennepin County CES
• Employment resources
• Connecting with county resources
• Getting connected with basic needs
• Getting connected to other resources at DAP or in the community like therapy, legal advocacy, safety planning or Safe at Home applications
For more information, call 612-874-7063 ext. 232 to get connected with DAP’s First Call Office or email