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DAP advocates know the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system, but unlike police or prosecutors, they don’t work for the system. That means that our team is beholden only to the client in front of them – no one else.

Advocates provide free, immediate assistance for victims and their families as they begin the process of transforming their lives to be free of violence.

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How It Works

In an effort to meet families where they are, DAP advocates work in various locations across Minneapolis, and are embedded in the Minneapolis Police Department’s Family Violence Unit. They provide free, immediate assistance to victims and their children. For families who are in fear, our team can provide life-saving interventions, like arranging for free lock-changes and securing emergency reparations.

DAP advocates also work to initiate contact with all victims of domestic violence identified in Minneapolis police reports – we are able to reach people immediately after the violence and offer essential information about shelter, community resources, intervention services, and legal recourse. The advocates are also present in the domestic violence criminal court hearings every day to offer support and information to victims of domestic abuse.

DAP’s advocacy team is one of the most established and respected in the area. In 2014 our team of advocates provided services to 2,064 victims of domestic abuse.


The Minneapolis Intervention Project

It is most beneficial for clients to be referred to an advocate that serves the city in which they either experienced abuse and/or reside because practices, procedures, and relationships with law enforcement and community resources differ from city to city. DAP advocates are specialists in the Minneapolis criminal justice system, but they can make referrals to partner programs that serve other parts of Hennepin County and beyond. In 2014, DAP entered into a contract with the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office to provide immediate follow-up to identified victims of domestic crimes in Minneapolis 24 hours a day.


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Downtown Advocacy Office
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Northpoint Advocacy Office
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Little Earth at the NELC Advocacy Office
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