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DAP advocates know the ins-and-outs of the criminal justice system, but unlike police or prosecutors, they don’t work for the system. That means that our team is focused only on the client in front of them—no one else.

Advocates provide immediate assistance and support to victim/survivors of domestic violence to increase safety for themselves and their families. For families who are in fear, our advocacy team can provide life-saving interventions. Advocates are located at four locations in Minneapolis and provide the following services: 

Criminal and Legal Advocacy

Advocates help victim/survivors of domestic violence navigate the criminal and civil legal systems by providing information about the court processes associated with any ongoing criminal or civil domestic abuse cases. Advocates also assist in writing Orders of Protection and accompany individuals to any subsequent hearings for those Orders. In addition, advocates review and follow up with victim/survivors on any domestic assault-related police report in the city of Minneapolis, whether there is an arrest made or not. Advocates who attend criminal court work as an independent support to victim/survivors of misdemeanor domestic assault cases and are bound by confidentiality. These advocates track defendant criminal court activity throughout the course of their criminal case.

Community Advocacy and Outreach

Advocates provide crisis support and outreach, safety planning, resource referrals, and access to services such as food, safe housing, and transportation to communities impacted by domestic violence.

Hot Spots

Staff conduct follow-up visits on 911 domestic assault calls, in which either a police report was not made at the initial call or a police report was made but no criminal charge has been filed yet. Advocates offer support and services for families during these visits.

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Downtown Advocacy Office
250 South 4th Street ι Room 201
Minneapolis, MN  55415
612.673.3526 (collect calls accepted)

Northpoint Advocacy Office
1315 Penn Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN  55411
612.529.7477 (collect calls accepted)

Little Earth at the LERA Advocacy Office
2495 18th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404