Ten Things You Can Do

Ten Things You Can Do to Help End Domestic Abuse

  1. Contact your state legislators and the Governor to let them know that ending domestic abuse and supporting increased funding for programs that serve battered women are top priorities for you.  Get friends and family to join you in this effort.
  2. Contact DAP to do a presentation at your place of worship, civic group or workplace to raise awareness of domestic violence.
  3. If you hear or see someone being battered, call 911.
  4. If you suspect a friend or family member is being abused – ask.  If she is not ready to reveal the abuse now, she will know who she can tell when the time is right.
  5. If you’re not sure how to approach someone you suspect is being abused, contact DAP to discuss how to help her in the safest way possible.
  6. Volunteer at DAP.  Host a Party with Purpose.  Take up a collection at church or work.  Collect gift cards for advocates to use.
  7. Adopt a room at a shelter.  Many shelters have put off projects to improve the appearance of their building due to lack of funding.  You could get a small group together and beautify a space by painting, providing window treatments, carpet or furniture to make it more welcoming for families in crisis.
  8. Make sure your company has a workplace policy on domestic abuse.  Are your managers trained to recognize signs of domestic violence in their staff?  Is your Employee Assistance Program staff training in domestic abuse or do they know the local service providers who specialize in this issue?
  9. Donate money to DAP so that the DAP brand of life-changing services to men, women and youth can remain accessible to all.  All donations are tax deductible.
  10. If you have skills and talents to offer, talk to DAP about serving on the Board of Directors or a Project Team.