Staff and Board of Directors

Current Staff and Board Members



Sarah Clyne, Executive Director | 612.874.7063  x222

Aaron Zimmerman, Director of Development and Communications | 612.874.7063 x207



Alex Smith, Men’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x281

Angelo Grant, Men’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x269

Brittany Norwood, Childcare Worker | 612.874.7063 x224

Carly Hoffman, Women’s Therapist and First Call Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x237

Carmella Hines, Women’s Case Manager | 612.874.7063 x218

Carrie Crockford, Associate Director of Client Services and Supervisor of Men’s Program and CHANGE STEP | 612.874.7063 x231

Ciera Quarterman, Childcare Worker | 612.874.7063 x224

Hannah Michel, Women’s Program Supervisor | 612.874.7063 x205

Jackie Lane, Childcare Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x224

Jennifer Luce, Client Services Associate | 612.874.7063 x200

Jill Helgemoe, Men’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x293

Jodi Schipp, Case Manager Supervisor and Men’s Program and CHANGE STEP Case Manager| 612.874.7063  x233

Katie Augustin, Youth Case Manager | 612.874.7063 x235

LaKandis Neal, Advocate | 612.874.7063 x213

Leah Martin, Intern Program Supervisor | 612.874.7063 x203

Mariah Rooney O’Brien, CHANGE STEP Therapist | 612.874.7063 x298

Miranda Davis, Education Coordinator and Men’s Program Therapist | 612.874.7063 x286

Nicole Condon, Client Services Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x200

Pakou Yang, Volunteer Coordinator and Advocate | 612.874.7063 x228

Rachel Formantes, Women’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x285

Rhonda Hunt, Advocate | 612.874.7063 x209

Ronika Stibbins, Youth Therapist | 612.874.7063 x295

Ryan Lewsader, Youth Therapist | 612.874.7063 x283

Sandra Flores, Advocate | 612.874.7063 x213

Sarah Lockhart, Supervisor of Youth Services | 612.874.7063 x282

Siri Lokensgard, Supervisor of Advocacy | 612.874.7063 x209

Urszula Parfieniuk, Development and Communications Associate | 612.874.7063 x268

Valentina Strong, Youth Therapist | 612.874.7063 x269


Board of Directors

Jessica Wiley

Vice Chair

Darrell Ellsworth


Jamie Chai


Deborah Kermeen


Carrie Ackerman

Mary Albachten

Martha Ginder

Amanda Koonjbeharry

Carrie Lindberg

Robin McPherson

Brian Restuccia

Sara Spafford Freeman

Jaime Stilson

Laura Zelle