Staff and Board of Directors

Current Staff and Board Members



Sarah Clyne, Executive Director | 612.874.7063  x222

Amirthini Keefe, Director of Client Services | 612.874.7063 x294

Aaron Zimmerman, Director of Development and Communications | 612.874.7063 x207



Alex Smith, Men’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x281

Angelo Grant, Men’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x269

Brittany Norwood, Childcare Worker | 612.874.7063 x224

Carly Hoffman, Women’s Therapist and First Call Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x237

Carmella Hines, Women’s Case Manager | 612.874.7063 x218

Ciera Quarterman, Childcare Worker | 612.874.7063 x224

Hannah Michel, Women’s Program Supervisor | 612.874.7063 x205

Jackie Lane, Childcare Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x224

Jennifer Luce, Client Services Associate | 612.874.7063 x200

Jodi Schipp, Case Manager Supervisor and Men’s Program and CHANGE STEP Case Manager| 612.874.7063  x233

Katie Augustin, Youth Case Manager | 612.874.7063 x235

LaKandis Neal, Advocate | 612.874.7063 x213

Leah Martin, Men’s Program Supervisor & Intern Program Supervisor | 612.874.7063 x203

Miranda Davis, Education Coordinator and Men’s Program Therapist | 612.874.7063 x286

Nicole Kari, Client Services Coordinator | 612.874.7063 x200

Pakou Yang, Volunteer Coordinator and Advocate | 612.874.7063 x228

Rachel Formantes, Women’s Therapist | 612.874.7063 x285

Sandra Flores, Advocate | 612.874.7063 x213

Sarah Lockhart, Supervisor of Youth Services | 612.874.7063 x282

Siri Lokensgard, Supervisor of Advocacy | 612.874.7063 x209

Urszula Parfieniuk, Development and Communications Associate | 612.874.7063 x268

Board of Directors

Sara Spafford Freeman

Vice Chair

Martha Ginder


Jamie Chai


Darrell Ellsworth


Carrie Ackerman

Mary Albachten

Amanda Koonjbeharry

Carrie Lindberg

Brian Restuccia

Jaime Stilson

Jessica Wiley