Acts of Kindness

Bad news may travel fast, but good news is louder.  People everywhere are performing acts of kindness that make a world of difference for people in need.   Recently DAP has been lucky to be the recipient of various acts of kindness.  womens therapy room pics

In February, volunteers from Grace Church in Eden Prairie took over one of the group rooms at DAP where women meet for therapy.  They painted, they replaced all the furniture in the room, and they added a throw rug, wall hangings and curtains.

“When the women saw the transformation of their meeting space they noticed how comfortable and welcoming the room felt,” said Carly Hoffman, DAP Women’s Therapist. “Since the makeover, we have had the best group meetings since I began working here. Women are opening up more and are very obviously at ease in this amazing space.  Some have even taken their shoes off and curled up on the couch while sharing more than they had before.”

Additional acts of kindness have been bestowed on DAP as well.

Volunteers from St Stephen’s Church partnered with Anne Archbold, DAP Women’s Program Supervisor, to clean the childcare rooms, disinfect toys and fix ceiling tiles.  They also donated a new couch to childcare and a CD player to the women’s therapy team.

Last but not least, a group from HDR Engineering Inc. created over 300 snack bags for the children who come to DAP for their own healing work.

“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.” — Kevin Heath, CEO More4kids