Transformation Possible

Stories of Hope.  Stories of Healing.

One of the defining characteristics that sum up DAP’s work and the deeply personal work that clients do, is OPTIMISM.  Despite the prevalence of domestic violence horror stories in the news and despite the hopelessness that we can all feel sometimes thinking that this issue will never go away – DAP is here to tell you that healing is possible.  For 32 years we’ve seen it with our own eyes.  We’ve seen men stop using abuse against their partners.  We’ve seen women heal from the abuse they’ve suffered.  We’ve seen child witnesses to domestic abuse grow up to have loving, nurturing adult relationships despite what they experienced as children.  People have the ability to change when they are given the tools and support they need.  DAP knows that abuse is a learned behavior, and therefore can be unlearned.

All of these success stories and words of inspiration are from actual former DAP clients and staff.  Names have been changed when necessary.

Read “Called to Account”, by M’Liss Switzer.


From Former Youth Therapy Clients

Odgie (video)


From Men

RS Letter of Thanks

SO Letter of Thanks

Frank’s Story


From Women

He Does Not Have Me

Mama Butterfly

Susan’s Letter

MJ Letter of Thanks

Love Poem to DAP

Story of Transformation

Kristine (video)


Family Members

Shawn Burnett, sister of domestic homicide victim Jewell Burnett (video)



Staff Testimonials

D. Mirambeaux, DAP Hombria Educator (video)