About DAP

Our Vision

The Domestic Abuse Project envisions a community free from domestic violence.  We seek to permanently break the cycle of family violence by leading societal change and by providing men, women, and children with essential tools needed to eliminate violence in their lives.

Our Mission

The Domestic Abuse Project dedicates its resources to breaking the cycle of violence and helping families transform from crisis to healthy and safe relationships.

Our History

DAP was founded in 1979 on a few radical notions:

  • Working with perpetrators of abuse is essential to ending abuse.
  • Domestic violence affects every member of the family.
  • Domestic abuse is a learned behavior, and therefore can be unlearned.
  • Domestic abuse is a human rights issue.
  • Many victims do not want their relationship to end, they want the abuse to end.

DAP Therapy Services 

DAP Main Office ι 204 West Franklin Avenue ι Minneapolis, MN  55404 ι 612.874.7063


DAP Advocacy Services

City Hall Advocacy Office ι 350 South 5th Street ι Minneapolis, MN  55415 ι 612.673.3526 collect calls accepted

Northpoint Outreach Advocacy Office ι 1315 Penn Avenue N. ι Minneapolis, MN  55411 ι 612.529.7477 collect calls accepted

Little Earth at the NELC Advocacy Office ι 2438 18th Avenue S. ι Minneapolis, MN  55404 ι 612.728.5874 collect calls accepted


Changing the System