The City of Minneapolis and DAP Partner in a 24 Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline

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911- 24 hr hotline-page-001“Hi, this is Pakou and I’m calling from the 24 Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline”. Pakou Yang says this line almost every day. Pakou is the Volunteer Coordinator and Advocate for the Domestic Abuse Project’s 24 Hour Hotline. Since January 2015, the hotline has served thousands of domestic violence victims offering them resources towards safety and support after a domestic violence incident has occurred. Pakou herself provides services offered by the 24 Hour Hotline as well as recruits, trains, and supports the volunteers that offer their time to make the 24 Hour Hotline successful.

Everyday the Minneapolis Police Department receives numerous calls regarding domestic violence related incidents. They contact the 24 Hour Hotline staff every time a domestic assault related crime occurs. The Domestic Abuse Project’s 24 Hour Hotline will then immediately attempt to contact the victim of the incident to offer them support and any information they may need to go forward. DAP advocates will follow-up in the days after the assault in order to help the victim create a safety plan, unless a victim does not want to be contacted.

DAP’s 24 Hour Hotline offers victims numerous resources. Emergency shelter is just one of the resources that the 24 Hour Hotline can provide to victims of domestic assault. Another resource includes helping victims navigate the court system and creating Orders For Protection if necessary. The 24 Hour Hotline can refer a victim to a Victims Witness Assistant in case the victim needs/wants to go to court to make a statement regarding their domestic violence incident. These assistants prepare the victim for any questions the court may have as well as let them know what they can expect in the courtroom.

Since 2015, the 24 Hour Hotline has helped guide thousands of domestic violence victims’ lives towards safety. With this in mind, the program continues to expand and is proud to be operating mainly by the hands of volunteers who are truly passionate about the service they provide.

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