Donor Spotlight-Barbara Levie

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BarbBarbara was initially introduced to Domestic Abuse Project by friends who invited her to the DAP’s annual Transforming Families Luncheon. For many years she wasn’t able to attend, but after her first luncheon three years ago she was drawn into DAP’s work.

Barbara works as a part-time office manager at an ad specialties company. She loves her flexible schedule that allows ample time for her hobbies: hiking, fishing, and biking. And she spends her time enjoying these activities in Minneapolis, and with her partner in Ely.

Barbara is passionate about issues including education and the health and wellness of women and families. For her, the work of Domestic Abuse Project incorporates these two passions. DAP educates men, women, and children about the cycle of abuse and how to break this cycle in their lives. And the work of DAP recognizes that people who have been abused need services that address their physical and emotional health, in addition to education. Barbara believes these comprehensive services , for the whole family, can help to end the cycle of abuse.

For the last two years Barbara has enjoyed being a table captain at the luncheon. In addition to supporting an important cause, Barbara finds it meaningful to share these experiences with her friends.

We are grateful Barbara is a part of our DAP community. Thank you Barbara, for all of your support!

“Abuse doesn’t have to be actually hitting or beating. Emotional and psychological abuse can be just as challenging, and yet often we don’t recognize it or the damaging effect of it. But DAP teaches us that what can be done to your head or your heart is just as unhealthy as what can happen to your body.” -Barbara

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