Support Healing: Help Us Provide “Snack Packs” for our Child Clients

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Many of the children we work with are facing food insecurity and don’t have the resources to meet their basic needs – they are hungry. It is difficult for them to focus on healing from domestic abuse and trauma when they are concerned about where their next meal is coming from. And, we retain more clients – families come back for services – when we can help them meet some basic needs.

One way we’ve been helping meet clients’ basic needs is through Snack Packs. Snack Packs are brown bags full of items that form a fairly nutritional whole, are shelf-stable, and can be prepared without a stove.When children comes for therapy services they are able to take home a Snack Pack.

We rely greatly on volunteers to fulfill this need of our clients, to provide Snack Packs. Can you help us fill our shelves with Snack Packs?

Generally, here is what has been included in each bag before (brands don’t really matter, but might help with your planning):

  • chocolate pudding snack
  • small juice box (kirkland brand, apple, fruit punch, and apple berry options)
  • 1 fruit leather
  • Single serve oatmeal (just add water)
  • Granola bar
  • Fruit cup
  • Single serve Easy Mac (just add water)
  • Snack bag of Annie’s bunny crackers (assorted cinnamon, cheddar, chocolate chip, chocolate)
  • Snack bag of Snyder’s pretzels

Folks have either donated the bags pre-packaged, or donated all the things, and staff have packaged them. Feel free to email Anna Zaros at or call at 612-874-7063 x207 if you have any questions or to coordinate drop-off of your donation.

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