On December 8th from 5:00pm-8:00pm at the Minneapolis City Center Building DAP will be collaborating with artists Paige Dansinger, Hattie Ball, and Seth Gibson as part of a Community Place-Making Partnership.

10% of all proceeds will help fund programming here at DAP!

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Domestic Abuse Project’s statement on the recent election

During the last two years we have lived through an increasingly contentious election cycle, leaving many communities feeling at risk and unsafe. The anxiety and distress felt by women, LGBTQ individuals, communities of color, and immigrants and refugees did not end on November 9, in fact, it only increased. Each day our clients and staff share their lived reality with us – for many this is a reality fundamentally based in fear and injustice.
Domestic Abuse Project remains committed to the work of social justice. We will continue to be a sanctuary for families experiencing domestic abuse, helping them build safety and stabilization in their lives. As a feminist agency we will do this work with a full understanding of and attention to the intersecting identities and oppressions faced by each client who walks through our doors. Finally, we will work to end gender based violence, and counter misogyny in our local and national dialogue, with great fervour.

We’re Here to Help

Since 1979 Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) has served the Twin Cities’ community with innovative and successful programming to end the inter-generational cycle of domestic violence. We have made it our mission to work with all affected members of the family–men, women, and children–to stop domestic violence as it occurs and prevent it in the future.

Crisis Intervention 

DAP Advocacy provides immediate assistance for survivors of domestic abuse and their families. Our advocates help victims develop safety plans, file protective orders, and find safe shelter. They also reach out to all victims of domestic violence identified in Minneapolis police reports to provide ongoing support and make critical resource referrals.

Changing Behavior

DAP Therapy works with adult male perpetrators of violence, adult women survivors of violence, and children and adolescents who have witnessed or experienced abuse. Each team of therapists—the Men’s Team, Women’s Team, and Youth Services Team—offer group and individual counseling sessions.

Help for Veterans

CHANGE STEP is DAP’s newest program. Building on the successful curriculum developed in the traditional men’s group, CHANGE STEP incorporates the language and tenor of military culture to better respond to the needs of veterans in our community. CHANGE STEP is now available for organizations to implement in their own community.

Domestic Abuse Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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